Bluebird Trail

The "Bluebird Trail" isn't a trail at all - it's 25 Bluebird boxes located in what we believe is prime bluebird habitat within PEAR Park. Original funding for the "Trail" was provided by sponsors who adopted a Bluebird box and donated $15 to purchase materials to make and erect the boxes. The "Trail" is monitored by Bob Putman, sometimes called "Bird Man" by his friends. During the Bluebird nesting season, the boxes are monitored: eggs and fledglings counted, debris cleaned out and meticulous records kept. Last year, 58 bluebirds fledged. This year anywhere from 54 to 62 Bluebirds fledged.. In addition to the Eastern Bluebirds, 22 Tufted Titmice, 7 Red-bellied Woodpeckers and 5 Great-crested Flycatchers were fledged from the trail.